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Natalie Avellan

Content Marketing


Paul Knox

Mortgage Consultant

Big Valley Mortgage

Timothy Morgan

Founder, CEO

Giver Marketing

Bailey Taunt

Event Coordinator


Katie Cantrill

Men’s Style Consultant

J. Hilburn

Dylan Bell

Financial Advisor

CalBay Investments

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Featured Venues

We are on a mission to find the most unique bars, cocktail lounges, breweries, pubs, wineries, and happy hour spots in each city.

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm

Barbarossa Lounge

San Francisco, CA

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm

Grain Tasting Bar

Vancouver, BC

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm

Blue Martini

Las Vegas, NV

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm

Revival at The Sawyer

Sacramento, CA

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm


Kansas City, MO

Happy Hour

5 - 7 pm

Founder Cocktail Bar

Toronto, ON

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WeMeet is a community of like-minded professionals that meet monthly at unique venues to network, mix and mingle. Live networking events are the best way to meet new people in your city and make new connections. Let's bring social back to networking. Thanks for sharing!

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