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Tips & Advice

1. Build genuine personal connections.


Networking events are a bit like being set up on a blind date, and similar rules apply. Don't take over the conversation and talk about yourself and your business. People want to feel that you are genuinely interested in them. Ask questions to get to know the other person and understand what they do. As you build a personal connection, potential opportunities often present themselves.

2. Smile.


Not only does smiling make it easier for people to connect with you because you are more open and welcoming, but it also helps them remember you and what you do. Show real interest in what the other person does and ask questions before talking about you. Your smile and authentic self will go a long way toward a positive first impression. 

3. Listen when you join a conversation, then show you were listening. 


Take a few minutes to listen to the conversation when joining a group of people. An effective way to make a good first impression is to join a conversation with a comment that shows you were listening to the current group of people. Acknowledge a key point to add to the conversation rather than refocusing on you and your work. Nothing will stop a conversation faster.

4. Be yourself and don't try to sell. 

I've found that the best approach for any networking event is to be myself and talk about what I do in a casual, non-salesy way. I always try to share, not sell. I also do a bit of homework on which connections make sense for me to connect with so I am focusing my energy chatting with people who are relevant to my career and industry.

5. Come prepared with openers. 

The best impressions are the ones that appear effortless. Approaching others too aggressively and not paying proper attention to the people and conversations around you can have a negative effect. Be prepared with questions that help you learn about others, hold mutually interesting conversations and make it easy to share what you want to about yourself or your business when it's appropriate.


6. Bring a friend or coworker.

If you are able to attend an event with someone you know, it is great to meet people together -- that way you can talk each other up. It can be so hard to boast about yourself and your accomplishments, but your friend can do that for you and vice versa.

7. Be curious.

People love to talk about themselves. The key to making a great first impression is to be curious about the other person. Asking a thoughtful question is a great way to put others at ease and demonstrate your listening skills. The more interested you are in others, the more interesting you become. 

8. Introduce yourself with an anecdote that resonates.

We all have that one line or story about what we love about what we do and what our company does. Make your intro spiel personal. People will see you are genuine and it will resonate.

9. Learn how you can help each new connection.

Networking is a powerful way to build business connections, but it’s important that your objective in meeting new people isn’t self-serving. Be authentic, ask questions and start every conversation hoping to learn. Something as simple as offering to make a helpful introduction goes a long way in leaving a positive impression and will often lead to long-term relationships.

10. Go in without a strict agenda and try to make a new friend. 

Networking events can be intimidating, awkward and loaded with pressure. If you go into it with the intention of getting new leads or gathering X amount of business cards, it's likely to become uncomfortable. I was recently given the best networking advice: Be authentic and simply try to make a new friend. This takes the pressure off, allows you to be yourself and leads to stronger connections.

Final thoughts


At WeMeet, we believe that networking should be personal, not transactional. We want to have a place where professionals from all different backgrounds can come together and connect. Unlike other networking events that are focused on topics like "tech" or "business", we are more focused about just meeting new people and making new connections in a fun and engaging environment over drinks. Please be respectful of the community rules. 


Source: Forbes Communication Council

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