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Setup Guide

You will receive a branding package for each event which will include WeMeet partner badges, name tags, and banner stand. We take care of all the event marketing and promotion. All you have to do is show up and set up the name tags, pens, and tabletop banner as well as anything else you want to hand out like your business cards.

1. Place the tabletop sign on the reserved table pointing towards the entrance to ensure that attendees can easily identify the event when they are arrive.


2. Display the name tags and black sharpies directly in front of the tabletop sign. You may also leave your business cards on the table for attendees to pickup.


3. Your custom Host Partner badge identifies you as the host of the event. Greet and make the guests feel welcome when they arrive. Encourage everyone to follow you on WeMeet and join your community.

Tips & Advice


Don't forget to take some photos, you can upload them directly to your community page for other members to view. This will help others discover your community and entice them to join. We recommend taking 12 photos from each event. You can also share these photos on social media to spread the word amongst your existing contacts

Common Questions

Can I bring additional marketing materials?

We recommend bringing business cards and using Linkedin to connect with attendees using the "Find Nearby" feature. We ask that you do not bring any additional banners, table covers, etc. We do not have permission from the venue to allow more than what is provided. Our mission is to empower individuals to make meaningful connections in a casual and friendly atmosphere. A vendor-like environment is not conducive to making real connections and can feel too intrusive. Your information is already listed everywhere. 

How it Works

Join a group to see upcoming events and members.
Attend monthly networking events. Meet new people.
Connect and chat with members you met. Grow your network.







Find, follow, and connect with members you met or would like to meet. Grow your social or professional network.

Want to launch a WeMeet chapter?


Partner with us to host networking & social mixer events in your city. We take care of all the planning, marketing, and event promotion. Become the center of attention in your community. Promote your brand and grow your circle of influence.


WeMeet is a community of like-minded professionals that meet monthly at unique venues to network, mix and mingle. Live networking events are the best way to meet new people in your city and make new connections. Let's bring social back to networking. Thanks for sharing!

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