Here are some quick setup instructions to ensure that your event goes as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated Events Manager.
  • Ensure that you received all the marketing materials to have a successful event.

    Launch Checklist
  • Setup is quick and easy. Review our simple setup guide to get up and running.

    Setup Guide
  • Networking should be fun and rewarding! Become a pro networker with these tips.

    Tips & Advice
  • We integrate with Meetup to organize groups for each city. Join your group, track growth.

    Join WeMeet Group
  • Download the Meetup app to communicate with members in the group between events.

    Download Meetup App
  • We publish your event on our Facebook page every month. Easily share it with friends.

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Have questions? Contact the Events Manager.
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Mary Ostrowski
Events Manager

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