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WeMeet Badge

  • Profile photo.

  • First and last name.

  • Job title.

  • Company name.

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Name tags are an important part of networking events. They help you quickly identify who is part of the event, make it easier to meet others, and remember everyone's names. We are trying to phase out temporary stick-on name badges in order to improve the event experience while reducing waste and be more environmentally conscious. We are committed to keeping the events FREE to attend!

The Problem

  • Often times stick-on name tags are difficult to locate in a crowd of people and may cause unnecessary traffic.

  • Stick-on name badges are tricky to peel and take some time to put on. 

  • They can often fall off and have trouble sticking to certain fabrics or articles of clothing.

  • The names are not as easy to read depending on each persons writing style.

  • They get thrown away after each event which creates unnecessary waste. 

  • Is not environmentally friendly!


Environmental Impact

On average we go through 50-100 badges per event. As we scale to 100+ cities, that will add up to 5,000-10,000 name badges that get thrown away every month which comes out to 60,000 to 120,000 badges that goes to waste every year!

The Solution


We decided to see if we could make a better impact on the environment while enhancing and streamlining the member experience.


We came up with a great solution to this problem. You can now become a WeMeet Premium Member to receive an official WeMeet Member networking badge professionally printed with your profile photo, name, title, and company info.

  • Better member experience.

  • Members can easily identify one another.

  • Looks more professional.

  • Easier to put on and more durable.

  • Attend a WeMeet event in 50+ cities.

  • Reduce unnecessary waste.

  • Better for the environment.

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