Networking should be rewarding!

Photo Contest - Share a Photo

Post a photo during a live event. The person with the most photo likes at the end of each year will win $500.


You must attend a live event to qualify. The prize will be awarded to the member who took and posted the photo. One winner will be announced at the end of each year.


How to enter:


- Follow us on Instagram @WeMeetLive

- Tag a photo @WeMeetLive.

- Use the following hashtags in the description: #WeMeet & #WeMeetCityname

- Tag 1-3 friends

Popularity Contest - Make Connections

The first person to reach 100 followers will win $1,000! 


A connection is made when another member follows you. The more followers you have, the higher you climb the rankings and get noticed. You must have a completed member profile with a professional photo to qualify.